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We get it. Losing weight isn’t easy, but we’ve helped others, and we can help you with weight loss too. Your program begins with a conversation with a compassionate, non-judgmental expert. We’ll perform a medical evaluation, review your story, and establish your health and wellness goals. From there, our team of experts will personalize a path just for you and guide and support you along your journey.

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We believe in real food. Our meal strategies celebrate fresh, whole foods, not liquid diets, processed foods or deprivation. We create realistic and sensible meal solutions that are delicious and easily integrate into your personal, professional, and social life.

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A well-regulated exercise program builds a foundation of fitness that helps to maintain weight loss and contributes to overall wellness. Movement and exercise plans are recommended based on your current level of activity and the types of exercise you already enjoy.

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At its core, sustained weight loss is about changing habits. Private, 1-on-1 counseling sessions help empower you to learn new approaches, build your confidence and identify long-term solutions that will put you on the best path towards a positive, healthy lifestyle.

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Created by Stanford-trained physicians, JumpstartMD was developed through extensive scientific research, clinical study, and medical review. As a medically-supervised program, optional FDA-approved medication can be prescribed to supplement your efforts and attain your goals.

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Lose it. And more importantly, keep it off. Our program includes an equal emphasis on long-term weight management. Once you’ve lost the weight, we’ll give you the tools to solidify your new healthy habits into a lasting, lifestyle change.

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Weight loss isn’t meant to be temporary and solutions shouldn’t be either. Transform your aspirations into lasting results.

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