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GLP-1 (Wegovy®) Medication for Weight loss

GLP-1 (Wegovy®) Medication for Weight loss

JumpstartMD Offers GLP-1 (Wegovy®) Medication for Weight loss

JumpstartMD offers GLP-1 weight loss medications like Wegovy® in combination with health coaching and healthy eating to help you achieve and sustain your healthy weight. This safe and effective long-term option for weight loss is provided by JumpstartMD – the most referred, medically supervised weight loss program by Bay Area physicians. GLP-1 medications are not stimulants nor habit forming and are clinically-proven to be effective medications for long-term results. They work on the same receptors as naturally-occurring GLP-1 hormones that exist in your body. (Learn more about each medication’s benefits and risks by visiting the manufacturer’s Prescribing Information webpage prior to starting any weight loss program.)


JumpstartMD’s Medical Team Prescribes the GLP-1 Medication Wegovy®

GLP-1s are different from older classes of weight loss medications (like those containing the active ingredient phentermine) because they work on key underlying metabolic pathways to support substantive and sustained weight loss, not a short-term fix. JumpstartMD clinicians prescribe GLP-1 medications, like Wegovy® and others in its class. JumpstartMD uses weight loss or obesity medications in combination with healthy lifestyle changes to achieve and sustain better results. After all, let’s face it, losing weight and equally importantly, sustaining your healthier, lower weight once you get there, isn’t easy.

For more information, visit Wegovy® | Novo Nordisk.


FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication to Improve and Sustain Outcomes

We believe in the use of FDA approved weight loss medication to prevent and reverse disease and improve and sustain superior outcomes.  While we believe healthy lifestyle changes and behaviors are critical, central components of any sustainable weight loss and health journey, we additionally believe that, in the 21st century medications can also complement those efforts to help people achieve and sustain even healthier, lower weights in a way that people without the support of complementary medications may not. Using medication in combination with lifestyle change produces superior outcomes throughout modern medicine. So going there (to medication assistance) is okay. It’s not a crutch, it’s not a (personal) failure of any kind, and nor is it unsafe. Simply put, if medications in combination with healthy lifestyle changes can help one achieve and sustain superior results that prevent and reverse major diseases, by all means use them.


Metabolically Safer – Lifestyle Changes Combined with Weight Loss Medications

Why? Because a lower and healthier weight will not only help you feel better and more confident but it can also help you be metabolically much safer, healthier, and, by extension, happier, in the long-run.


FAQ’s About GLP-1s:


Q: Is GLP-1 medication or Wegovy® an injection?

A: Most GLP-1 medications are injectables, while there is also an oral formulation of one GLP-1. JumpstartMD is differentiated in that we can offer injectables while we can also offer a variety of other oral, non-injectable (non-GLP1) medication options, too, to meet your needs.


Q: How frequent are the doses?

A: GLP-1s are self-administered weekly typically or, more rarely, daily, and depending on your specific medication.


Q: What if I have questions?

A: If you have questions after your visit with a JumpstartMD medical weight loss clinician, your Medical Team will discuss the details of your medication.


Q: What GLP-1 brands do you prescribe?

A: Our clinicians prescribe GLP-1 medications—including Wegovy®. Wegovy® contains the active ingredient Semaglutide. Wegovy® is the latest glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist drug to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an adjunct to lifestyle changes for weight management in people with obesity or overweight – with a related medical complication such as high blood pressure.

For more information, visit Wegovy® | Novo Nordisk.


Q: Why are GLP-1s part of JumpstartMD’s program?

A: Research shows, in combination with health coaching and lifestyle changes, GLP-1s are a safe and effective option for long term, successful weight loss. Furthermore, starting at the first appointment, our members learn that losing weight – and keeping it off – is about making smart decisions based on nutritional science. Members lose an average of 26 pounds (12.6% of their starting weight) by month 6.


Q: What happens if insurance won’t pay for my GLP-1/Wegovy® or I don’t qualify?

A: Fear not if your insurance won’t provide coverage for a GLP-1 agonist. Our clinicians are experts in medical weight management and have a variety of pharmacologic (medication) tools in their toolbox that can also help you to achieve and sustain your health and wellness goals. 


Q: I heard Wegovy® is in short supply at present. Are there other similar options that might be available?

A: Yes, while Wegovy® is a GLP-1 agonist containing the active ingredient semaglutide that has rightfully garnered significant headlines based on its efficacy, there are other options, including options with the same or similar active ingredient, that can be prescribed and used in combination with the right individualized nutritional guidance and support.


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