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Combination GLP-1 GIP (Mounjaro ® / Tirzepatide) Medication For Weight Loss

Combination GLP-1 GIP (Mounjaro ® / Tirzepatide) Medication For Weight Loss

JumpstartMD Offers GLP-1 GIP (Mounjaro® / Active Ingredient Tirzepatide) Medication for Weight Loss in the Bay Area

With the recent June 2022 FDA approval of the GLP-1 GIP receptor agonist Mounjaro® (which contains the active ingredient Tirzepatide), we now have a new and remarkable tool in our clinical tool belt to support the health and well-being of our members in the Bay Area. At JumpstartMD, we recognize that obesity is a chronic, recurring disease that requires chronic treatment with both healthy lifestyle changes and, when needed, medication support. Learn more about each medication’s benefits and risks by visiting the manufacturer’s Prescribing Information webpage prior to starting any weight loss program.


JumpstartMD’s Medical Team Prescribes the GLP-1 GIP Medication Mounjaro®


Members Achieve Superior Weight Loss Outcomes and Sustain Them

JumpstartMD offers the combination GLP-1 GIP medication Mounjaro® along with health coaching and healthy eating to help our members achieve superior weight loss outcomes and sustain them. For more information, visit Mounjaro® | Eli Lilly and Company.


How does Mounjaro® work?

Mounjaro® works to stimulate naturally occurring GLP-1 and GIP receptors in the body. Combination GLP-1 GIP medications are not stimulants nor habit forming. For more information, visit Mounjaro® | Eli Lilly and Company.


How effective is Mounjaro® for weight loss?

In the Mounjaro® phase III weight loss trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine (June, 2022), average weight loss at 18 months on the highest dose of Mounjaro® was nearly 21%!


How is Mounjaro® different from GLP-1 medications like Wegovy®®?

Medications like Mounjaro® are unique from older classes of weight loss medications (like those containing the active ingredient phentermine) and exclusive GLP-1 agonists, because they combine elements that stimulate BOTH native GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) AND GIP (glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide) receptors in a single “peptide” (short protein) molecule. For more information, visit Mounjaro® | Eli Lilly and Company.


Stimulate Natural Metabolic Pathways for a Variety of Benefits

GLP-1 GIP Medications stimulate natural metabolic pathways that produce a variety of unique benefits to promote weight loss, health, and well-being. These benefits include:

      • Delay in gastric emptying time to promote satiety, reduce hunger, and decrease spikes in blood sugar
      • Reduction in glucagon levels to stabilize and reduce elevations in blood sugar
      • Increase in insulin sensitivity, particularly for insulin resistant people in whom that mechanism is broken
      • Enhanced secretion of the energy storage hormone insulin, a mechanism that also tends to be dysfunctional in insulin resistant people
      • Reduction of hunger and cravings and thus food intake through appetite suppression within the hunger center of the brain


What is Off-Label FDA Approved Medication Use to Improve and Sustain Outcomes?

As of June 2022, Mounjaro® is FDA approved to improve glycemic (blood sugar) control in type II diabetics. Based on the results of its phase III weight loss trial mentioned above, its manufacturer is also seeking FDA approval for obesity treatment in the not too distant future. For more information, visit Eli Lilly and Company.


Our Clinicians’ Have Extensive Experience with GLP-1 (and Other) Medications

In the interim, based on our clinicians’ extensive experience using GLP-1 (and other) medications to treat excess weight, our clinicians are welcome to prescribe Mounjaro® and other medications based on the clinical judgment they use to best serve their members. And, yes, at JumpstartMD we’ve been using Mounjaro® and achieved positive effects.


What Does Mounjaro® Cost and are there Discounts?

Average full-retail price of Mounjaro® currently sits at nearly $1200 per month. Fortunately, the manufacturers of Mounjaro® have implemented a discounted savings program wherein patients may receive Mounjaro® for as little as $25 a month with the Mounjaro Savings Card. Depending on your insurance and eligibility criteria, our clinicians can help to facilitate that savings program through our pharmacy partners with one exception being members on governmental payors such as Medicare, Tricare, or the VA. For more information, visit Savings & Resources | Mounjaro®.


Why Use Medications Like Mounjaro® to Achieve and Sustain Superior Weight Loss and Health Improvement Outcomes?

We believe healthy lifestyle changes and behaviors are critical, central components of any sustainable weight loss and health journey. But let’s face it, losing weight and equally importantly, sustaining your healthier, lower weight once you get there, isn’t easy.


Help People Prevent and Reverse Disease And Achieve And Sustain Even Healthier, Lower Weights

With medications like Mounjaro®, Wegovy® and others which are available to complement lifestyle care, why not use them help people prevent and reverse disease and achieve and sustain even healthier, lower weights, particularly for eligible people who need the additional support.


Using Medication In Combination With Healthy, Individualized Lifestyle Changes Produces Superior Outcomes

Abundant studies have shown that using medication in combination with healthy, individualized lifestyle changes produces superior outcomes and can really be a blessing when properly prescribed. They’re by no means a crutch, nor evidence of personal failure, nor unsafe. To the contrary, excess weight and associated diseases are unsafe.


Medications Like Mounjaro® Work in Combination With Healthy Lifestyle Changes

So, if medications like Mounjaro® in combination with healthy lifestyle changes and compassionate support can help one achieve and sustain superior results that prevent and reverse major diseases and promote a healthy, happy life, use them all (for God’s sake or posthaste!).


FAQ’s About GLP-1 GIP Combination Medications Like Mounjaro®:


Q: Is GLP-1 GIP Medication like Mounjaro® an Injectable?

A:Mounjaro® is indeed a once weekly injectable with an ultra-tiny needle and very simple, easily utilized delivery mechanism that even the needle phobic can tolerate in our experience.


Q: How frequent are the doses?

A: Once weekly.


Q: What if I have questions?

A: If you have questions after your visit with a JumpstartMD medical weight loss clinician, your Medical Team will discuss the details of your medication.


Q: What GLP-1 GIP brands do you prescribe?

A: Mounjaro® is the only GLP-1 GIP medication of its kind on the market today. It is prescribed as an adjunct to lifestyle changes for weight management in people with obesity or overweight – with a related medical complication such as high blood pressure.


Q: Are medications required at JumpstartMD?

A: Starting at the first appointment, our members learn that losing weight – and keeping it off – is about making smart decisions based on nutritional science. Members lose an average of 26 pounds (12.6% of their starting weight) by month 6. Weight management medications are by no means required to participate in a JumpstartMD weight management program. In fact, many of our members pursue their weight management journey without medication and our published outcomes study on over 22,000 members seen showed that they also do remarkably well. Nonetheless, that group is, to some degree self-selected, while we know that biology drives behavior along with excess weight and medication can positively influence the biology of both behavior and fat formation. In fact, research shows that, in combination with health coaching and lifestyle changes, medications like Mounjaro® and others can be both safe and effective at promoting long term, successful weight loss. For more information, visit Weight Loss Results | JumpstartMD.


Q: What happens if I am not eligible for the Mounjaro® Savings Card or I don’t qualify because my insurance won’t subsidize a medication like Mounjaro®, Wegovy®, or another GLP-1?

A: Fear not if your insurance won’t provide coverage for a GLP-1 agonist. Our clinicians are experts in medical weight management and have an abundant variety of pharmacologic (medication) options in addition to GLP-1s and GLP-1 GIPs and non-pharmacologic tools in their toolbox to help you to achieve and sustain your health and wellness goals.


Q: In addition to GLP-1s like Wegovy® and GLP-1 GIPs like Mounjaro®, are there other effective weight management medication options available for interested and eligible JumpstartMD members?

A: Remember that FDA approved weight management medications are just one of the available options at JumpstartMD. If medications like Wegovy® (which contains the active ingredient semaglutide) or Mounjaro® (which contains the active ingredient Tirzepatide) are not available or financially feasible for you, there may be lower cost options that can be prescribed along with the right individualized nutritional guidance and support.

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