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Thousands of members and thousands of stories, JumpstartMD is changing lives. From weight loss to wellness and beyond, we continue to transform the futures of dedicated and determined people just like you.

Stacey D.

“I was not living a healthy, active life. Although I had no immediate medical issues, I knew I couldn’t go on as I was. I needed a change that would stick.”

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60 lbs

Carrie M.

“I’ve tried to lose weight for many years without success and had basically given up trying to lose weight. Then I was diagnosed with uncontrollable diabetes Type II, and already had arthritis all over my body. I was weighing in at 230 pounds and diagnosed with obesity.”

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Body weight lost


Robert S.

“The first thing that impressed me was their breadth of knowledge, expertise and professionalism. They have highly qualified, educated people on staff, have a great attitude and are extremely positive and supportive.”

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Reduced waist circumference

15 inches

Lindsay G.

“So, I’m a mom of three boys. I work out a lot and have always said that I have good eating habits. But my weight was up and I wanted to get back to my wedding weight and I’m done having kids and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t kick my belly.”

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Percentage points of body fat lost

7 pts

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