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Weight Loss Medication with Active Ingredient Tirzepatide

Weight Loss Medication with Active Ingredient Tirzepatide

Jumpstart & Sustain Lifechanging Weight Loss with Medications Containing the Active Ingredient Tirzepatide

If you’re facing challenges shedding weight despite altering your diet and lifestyle, medications containing the active ingredient tirzepatide could offer the breakthrough you’ve been seeking for transformative weight loss. This new generation of medication not only facilitates weight loss, it can also help to prevent and reverse major diseases such as pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes and others.

JumpstartMD, renowned as the top-recommended medically supervised weight loss program among Bay Area physicians, offers this safe, effective, and enduring solution for weight loss. Paired with health coaching and expert nutritional support, medications containing the active ingredient tirzepatide help you achieve and maintain your healthy weight.


Q: What is Tirzepatide? 

A: Tirzepatide is the active pharmaceutical ingredient in a new class of weight loss and type II diabetes medication that stimulates receptors of hormones secreted from the intestine naturally after a meal — both glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) — which prompts insulin secretion. It can also help reduce appetite and food intake by slowing down the time it takes the stomach to empty and interacting with areas in the brain harboring GLP-1 receptors to signal satiety.


Q: Does JumpstartMD Prescribe Medications Containing the Active Ingredient Tirzepatide?

A: JumpstartMD can prescribe personalized medications with the active ingredient tirzepatide to eligible and interested members alongside regular check-ins and health coaching to provide support during a weight loss journey.


Q: What if I Can’t Afford Retail Versions of GLP-1 GIP Medication?

A: No insurance? No problem! At JumpstartMD, we offer multiple medication options containing the active ingredient tirzepatide to match your needs. Call us at 1-855-586-7782 and ask about it.


Q: Do I Have to Take Medication? Are There Other Medication Options Available to Me?

A: You do not have to take weight management medication to succeed with JumpstartMD. Whether you choose to take medication or not, our team of health coaches and clinicians will use proven science and caring support to help you on your journey to better health. However, if you are interested in and eligible for medications other than GLP-1 GIP’s (like those with the active ingredient tirzepatide) or GLP-1s (like those with the active ingredient semaglutide), we can prescribe other types of weight management medications, either alone or combined with healthy lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.


Q: Do GLP-1 GIP and Medications Help People Lose Weight All By Themselves? Or Are Healthy Lifestyle Changes Also Important For Best Results?

A: Studies have shown that GLP-1 and GLP-1 GIP medications can lead to better weight loss results, marking a new phase in medical weight management where more people can find success. However, these medications work best when combined with healthy lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. This not only helps achieve weight loss but also keeps the results going strong over time. Plus, it can play a key role in preventing and even reversing serious health issues like type II diabetes, prediabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and more.

To get the best results, consider these GLP-1 and GLP-1 GIP medications as a complement to healthy eating and exercise habits. When you put them together, they can give you weight loss results that last.


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