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JumpstartMD Certified Health Coaches

JumpstartMD Certified Health Coaches

Who is a JumpstartMD Health Coach?

JumpstartMD Health Coaches are expert and compassionate professionals trained extensively to offer consistent support and guidance on members’ wellness journeys. This training equips them with the expertise to empower members through education, accountability, compassion, and motivation, enabling them to achieve their health, weight, and wellness goals effectively.

JumpstartMD Certified Health Coach Training Areas

Training topics for a JumpstartMD Certified Health Coach cover a wide range of subjects, including:
– The science and biology behind weight loss and weight maintenance.
– Personalized guidance on whole food, nutrient-dense, nutrition and beverages for both weight loss and weight maintenance.

– Healthy alternatives to missed foods.

– Metabolic health benefits of tailored nutrition.

– Interpreting nutrition labels in line with JumpstartMD principles.

– Health risks of excessive sugar consumption.

– Exercise’s role and limits in weight loss.

– Practical lifestyle and mindset tools for real-world success.

– Motivating and obstacle-solving through successes and challenges.

– Strategies to overcome premature weight loss plateaus.

– Why weight loss becomes more challenging as progress is made.

– Success secrets of long-term weight loss achievers.

Sustaining Superior Weight Loss

Sustaining superior weight loss isn’t easy when fighting biology or going it alone. With JumpstartMD’s team of compassionate, trained Health Coaches, our members receive the guidance and support needed to navigate challenges, celebrate achievements, and approach health and well-being scientifically and holistically. To ensure your success, we strongly recommend engaging in weekly visits with your Health Coach during the initial months of your weight loss journey. This support is invaluable in helping you lead the healthy and happy life you deserve, and made easier with JumpstartMD clinics conveniently located throughout the Bay Area.

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