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Postpartum Weight Loss Program in the San Francisco & Bay Area

Postpartum Weight Loss Program in the San Francisco & Bay Area

JumpstartMD offers a Postpartum weight loss program with 13 convenient San Francisco, Bay Area Locations!

If you or a loved one are recovering from a pregnancy in the San Francisco Bay Area, JumpstartMD can design a postpartum weight loss program around your specific needs. Gestational Weight Gain during pregnancy can affect a woman’s body, this is why a trusted postpartum weight loss plan can be essential.

After giving birth, you may lose about 10 pounds right away. A little more weight loss can be expected as body fluid levels decrease. A healthy weight loss plan guided by our expert team can get you back to a healthy weight.

How much postpartum weight loss can I expect with JumpstartMD?

Our patients lose an average of one to five pounds each week.* Women tend to lose one to three pounds, while men lose two to five.  After nine months of following the JumpstartMD program, our average patient has lost 17% of their body weight and 7 inches in waist circumference.

Of course, your results will depend on many factors, including your starting weight, medical conditions, personal approach, gestational weight gain and individual program design. Since you are focused on postpartum weight loss in San Francisco, we make it easy with 13 convenient locations in the Bay Area!

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