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Weight of the Nation 2018 Video Highlights

Weight of the Nation 2018 Video Highlights

In November 2018, JumpstartMD hosted a two-day gathering of the world’s leading nutritional thought leaders to explore the scientific evidence supporting low carbohydrate lifestyles in preventing and reversing chronic disease. Find out what these luminaries had to say.

Gary Taubes

The Quality of Calories


Sean Bourke, MD

Inspiring an Epidemic of Health & Well-Being: JumpstartMD Weight Loss Outcomes Study


Steve Phinney, PhD

Inflammation, Nutritional Ketosis, and Metabolic Syndrome


Robert Lustig MD, MSL

What is Metabolic Syndrome Anyway?


Eran Segal, PhD

Personalized Nutrition for Treatment of Diabetes Based on Gut Microbiota and Clinical Data


Dom D’Agostino, PhD

Ketonutrition: From Science to Emerging Applications


Jeff Volek

Keto-Adaptation: Implications for Human Performance


John Newman, MD, PhD

Ketone Bodies As Signaling Molecules


Nina Teicholz

Red Meat and Health


Sarah Hallberg, DO, MS, DABOM

Type II Diabetes Treatment: How Did We Get Here? What’s Our Best Path Forward?


Doug Reynolds

Speaking at JumpstartMD Weight of the Nation Conference 2018


David Ludwig

Which Comes First, Overeating or Obesity?


Jean Marc Schwartz, PhD

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Does dietary sugar or carbohydrate trigger a traffic jam of fat in the liver?


Andrew Mente, PhD

Carbohydrates and Fat Consumption and Cardiovascular Disease: A More Complete Picture


Lewis Cantley, PhD

Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer: The Insulin Connection


Ronald Krauss, MD

Human Lipoprotein Responses and Cardiovascular Risk


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