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Medical Weight Loss Program Gives College Students Real Savings

Medical Weight Loss Program Gives College Students Real Savings

Medical Weight Loss Program Gives College Students Real Savings

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San Francisco, May 16, 2013

JumpstartMD, the Bay Area’s largest non-surgical, medical weight loss program, recently launched a discounted program for college students. The program was developed to assist those young adults struggling with weight gain and lack of nutritional knowledge, enabling them to establish a foundational understanding of how to lose excess weight and remain within a healthy weight range long-term. The discount developed as a direct assist for these students without employment and restricted by limited financial resources.

“In college you are in a sense jumping into the pool of adulthood. No more home-cooked meals, no more parent-prepared lunches. Young adults are somewhat catapulted into land where they can eat whatever they want, whenever they want – and furthermore, alcohol consumption is often newly introduced into their lifestyle. Thus the “freshman 15” has become a cultural norm. We however see this as an age-group with huge potential. Our goal is to get healthy nutritional habits developed and solidified early on, creating a healthier future adult population,” says Dr. Conrad Lai, JumpstartMD Co-founder and COO.

The program launched in May and due to its instant success, looks to be a permanent offering for young adults.

About JumpstartMD

JumpstartMD offers private, one-on-one care from a team of experts in medicine, nutrition, psychology and fitness, and a balanced weight loss/weight maintenance approach. Personalized, fresh food meal strategies empower patients to lose weight quickly and safely. The company specializes in state-of-the-art weight management care via the individually tailored meal and lifestyle strategies essential to keeping sustainable progress on track.

Clinically proven up to four-times more effective than traditional programs and popular diets, the average JumpstartMD patient loses 41 pounds in 6 months1. Founded by Stanford-trained physicians Dr. Lai and Dr. Bourke in 2007, JumpstartMD works with men and women looking to lose 10 pounds or more, and has nine convenient locations around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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1. Based on an internal study conducted with actual JumpstartMD patient results in 2011
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