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Medical Weight Loss Program Reveals Superior Maintenance Outcomes

Leading Medical Weight Loss Program Reveals Superior Maintenance Outcomes

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San Francisco, March 14, 2013

JumpstartMD, the medical weight loss program recommended by many Bay Area physicians, today released new study results indicating their average maintenance patient outcomes are 200% better than those of dieters who had completed Weight Watchers (see table). With maintenance remaining the key challenge for most weight loss patients, these results highlight the superior efficacy of JumpstartMD’s balanced weigh loss/weight maintenance focus on “fast” weight loss that is also healthy and sustainable.

The new report, based on most recent results of patients completing the Maintenance Program, shows that:

Based on an internal study of actual JumpstartMD patient results, after six months on JumpstartMD maintenance program following initial weight loss phase:
  • Average weight “regain” less than 1 pound, (0.9 lbs.)
  • Percent of patients who lost >5% total body weight and maintained that loss: 95%
  • Percent of patients who lost >10% total body weight and maintained that loss: 87%

*results may vary

How Does This Compare to National Programs?

This table compares JumpstartMD and Weight Watchers** outcomes data tracking those who achieve more than 5% total body weight loss:

Program End At End Year 1
Weight Watchers 46% 31%
JumpstartMD 93% 92%

Upon release of the results, JumpstartMD Co-Founder, Dr. Conrad Lai said, “This data actually exceeded our expectations. From the outset, JumpstartMD has been a medical weight management practice dedicated to fostering true, sustainable lifestyle transformation to create long-term weight loss. We remain uninterested in the latest fads, “cleanses” or temporary solutions. And we are thrilled that our first clinical maintenance study reaffirms our brand promise for “Fast & Healthy Weight Loss That Lasts!”

* Stunkard AJ, McLaren-Hume M. Arch Int Med 1959;103:79–85.

** Jolly, K et al. (2011). British Medical Journal.  Doi: 10.1136/bmj.d6500

About JumpstartMD

JumpstartMD offers private, one-on-one care from a team of experts in medicine, nutrition, psychology and fitness via a balanced weight loss/weight maintenance approach. Personalized, fresh food meal strategies empower patients to lose weight the same way they can keep it off. JumpstartMD is clinically proven up to four-times more effective than traditional programs and popular diets. Founded in 2007 by Stanford-trained physicians, JumpstartMD works with men and women looking to lose 10 pounds or more, and has nine convenient locations around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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