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Dreaming Big: Weight Loss and the Tech Revolution

Dreaming Big: Weight Loss and the Tech Revolution

JumpstartMD Pioneers Integrated Biometric to Personal Patient Portal Tracking

JumpstartMD Pioneers Integrated Biometric to Personal Patient Portal Tracking

JumpstartMD’s Member Portal and clinics leverage state-of-the-art weight loss technology allowing for the communication of employees and members in all locations and across desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, our user-friendly member portal allows members to manage all their appointments across JumpstartMD’s network of wellness clinics as well as to access a rich base of informational resources including recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and informational videos.

Experience the Result of Weight Loss Technology Innovations

At a packed Dreamforce 2013 session, JumpstartMD’s Co-founder and COO, Dr. Conrad Lai announced the company’s soon to be launched user-friendly, intuitive and secure online interface which will allow patients to track their health progress. The session, which showcased cutting-edge technology uses to advance medicine, was an apt setting to demonstrate how this new tool can inspire patients to work towards their personal health, wellness and weight loss goals.

JumpstartMD Utilizes State-of-the-Art Weight Loss Technology

“JumpstartMD specializes in state-of-the-art weight management care via individually tailored meal and lifestyle strategies essential to keeping patients’ sustainable progress on track. Since we started our practice in 2007, our patients have been asking for a way to connect with our team of health professionals beyond their weekly in-person visits,” said Dr. Lai.  “Once we launch our new patient portal in January 2014, we can offer them direct interaction and even more personalized coaching.”

Track Biometrics Food and Beverage Intake, Medications and Movement

The portal will enable patients to track their biometrics (weight, BMI, body fat and blood pressure), food and beverage intake, medications and daily movement activities.  Additionally, the interface provides access to recipes, eating strategies and more, including optional community involvement with other JumpstartMD patients.  Another innovative portal feature makes it possible for patients to sync data from their personal mobile fitness devices with their information stored on the portal.

Collecting Data Has No Value if You Don’t Know What to do With it

“We are very excited to offer patients this syncing option,” said Dr. Lai.  “This is truly innovative and JumpstartMD is proud to be the first company to provide this offering.   Collecting data has no value if you don’t know what to do with it, but through the portal our patients can connect with dedicated experts who can help them interpret the data and offer guidance regarding appropriate ongoing lifestyle changes.”

About the Technology for Weight Loss Management

JumpstartMD has integrated its proprietary Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Systems using both Salesforce and Heroku to provide an interactive patient portal that seamlessly combines robust content with personal health data. Features such as bidirectional flow of data between systems allows both patient and medical staff to have accurate insight into patient biometric data, progress, and state of health at all times.  This cutting-edge care coordination helps drive JumpstartMD’s successful outcomes in weight loss and wellness.

About JumpstartMD

JumpstartMD offers private, personalized care from a team of experts in medicine, nutrition, psychology and fitness.  The company specializes in comprehensive weight management care via individually tailored, fresh (real) food meal strategies and the lifestyle coaching essential to sustainable weight loss.  Founded by Stanford-trained physicians, Dr. Conrad Lai and Dr. Sean Bourke, JumpstartMD is clinically proven up to 4-times more effective than other diets and programs, and is the medical weight loss practice most recommended by San Francisco Bay Area physicians. Our state-of-the-art weight loss clinic has 12 locations around the Bay Area and online at:

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