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Top 4 Tips for Wagering on Weight Loss

Top 4 Tips for Wagering on Weight Loss

In our program, several patients have benefited from weight loss bets!


In our program, there have been several patients who benefited from weight loss bets. Sometimes it was for a contest hosted by their local gym. Sometimes, it was a wager with a fellow JumpstartMD participant. One of our patients made a bet with the players on his softball team. Once his goal weight was reached, he was delighted to take their money and do a bit of boasting about his success. Even better, he’s given his teammates a chance to double-down if he doesn’t stay within 5 pounds of his goal weight a year from now. This additional motivation and accountability is working very well for him.

The Effect of Financial Incentives on Weight Loss

While I don’t think gambling is for everyone, a friendly wager can make one’s dietary journey more communal. The Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene published an article in 2021 describing similar successes titled: “Financial incentive strategy for weight loss and maintenance of weight loss” . The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of financial incentives on weight loss, maintain in obese women and biochemical factors. This study shows that “Financial incentives can effectively help weight loss and maintenance of weight”.

4 Tips for Wagering on Weight Loss:

  1. Play a weight loss game.
  2. Complete monthly weigh-ins.
  3. Lottery incentive program.
  4. Create a deposit contract.

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