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Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off in 2022

Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off in 2022

Self Care Is the Secret to Managing Stress and Losing Weight in the New Year!

Self care, being deliberate about taking time to care for yourself, is essential for navigating the tumultuous New Year in a healthy way. Rolling into 2022, we want to set you up for success! To get you started, we’re sharing our top 10 self care tips for losing weight to help you meet your New Year’s resolutions, lose weight and keep it off!

1. Self Care Leads to Success Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals

Research shows that people who sanction regular “me” time are more successful in reaching their weight loss goals.

2. Take a Walk

In a recent study, brain scans showed that people who walked through parks were calmer and less frustrated than those who walked on busy city streets.

3. Quality, not Quantity

Take quality time for yourself. Don’t worry about how many times you do it or how much time.

4. Plan What you Can

Much of our time is fixed. Instead, focus on the time and activities you can control.

5. Reduce Stress-Induced Cortisol

Relaxation and making personal time reduces the production of stress-induced cortisol that tends to deposit fat around the waistline.

6. Find Quick Fixes for Self Care

Find five minutes here, ten minutes there. Taking care of yourself does not have to take an hour.

7. Create Healthy Habits

New habits require lots of energy and time. Carve out time to reflect and decide what’s truly important.

8. Free Up Your To-do List

Find ways to take non-essential activities off your “To Do List.”

9. Small Steps, Big Changes

Putting yourself first may present some challenges initially, but small steps add up to big changes.

10. Kick Bad Habits

Stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, or anger can trigger the regression of old default habits.

Strategies for putting yourself first aren’t selfish. They are essential. If you’d like support putting these self care tips for losing weight and principles into practice, get started with JumpstartMD’s weight loss program this month! JumpstartMD offers nutritional science and 1-on-1 support that helps you lose excessive weight, maintain your healthy weight and ultimately change your life. You can lose up to 10lbs in your first month.

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