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How to Lose Weight: Overcoming Obstacles

How to Lose Weight: Overcoming Obstacles

Stephania Humprey, JumpstartMD Health Coach – Talks About the Obstacles of How to Lose Weight

Being a health coach at JumpstartMD and a member myself, I’ve experienced the benefits of this program and supported many members through their ups and downs – JumpstartMD helps you overcome weight loss obstacles so you don’t keep asking yourself how to lose weight. I have seen members lose weight weekly on this program without much effort, but I have also seen people struggle through it. The solutions below are my answers to some of the most common questions about how to lose weight, and sustain that weight loss, on JumpstartMD’s program.

Why am I not losing weight as fast as I did at the beginning?

There are two simple reasons for not losing weight quickly: carbs and water. Low carb dieting means your body uses up its carb reserves and starts using ketones, which is what the body produces when fat is being used as a source of fuel. In this ‘ketogenic’ or ketone producing state, the body is naturally in diuresis. This means that you lose excess water that your body has been holding onto. During their first month at JumpstartMD, most people experience a significant drop in body weight, some as much as 8-10lbs. But not everyone has the same results.

Once you lose this water, which is important to replenish by drinking the recommended 60-100 oz per day the body kicks into a fat burning state, burning reserves of fat to use as energy. Don’t underestimate this physiological process. Carbs are quick to burn, but the process for burning fat isn’t as simple. The body can go twice the distance on one gram of fat, as it can on one gram of carbs. Effectively, it takes double the time to burn a gram of fat. When you’re losing 1 to 2 lbs. a week, your body is truly burning fat.

I’m not losing weight at all, what’s going on? – I don’t know how to lose weight!

Underlying Medical Issues: We start by reviewing your labs to see if there are other things interfering with your progress. An underactive thyroid or low iron count can give you symptoms of lethargy and weight gain. At JumpstartMD, we have the medical staff who can uncover these hidden issues and provide the right medical treatment so that you can attain your healthy goal weight.

Stress: Stress can be a big factor impeding people’s ability to lose weight – leaving many asking themselves how to lose weight more effectively. The hormone cortisol, released when we are stressed, makes the body store fat. There is no simple solution to eliminating stress but if you can identify your challenges, you may be able to tackle them, one at a time. Once you reduce stress, the weight will come off more easily.

Habits: A large part of the JumpstartMD program is creating long-term healthy eating habits. This is key to maintaining your goal weight once you have completed the program. Friday night cocktails, Sunday morning pancakes, a handful of crackers or maybe a cupcake at work. These habits are hard to break and can leave one asking themselves how to lose weight?. It’s even harder to break when the social events are celebratory: new job, birthday, graduation, holidays, children, weddings, and family commitments. Our lives revolve around large amounts of food and sometimes alcohol. Having the willpower or the desire to say no to things when everyone else is partaking, can be really hard. With JumpstartMD, we don’t tell you to be perfect, we ask you to do your best.

I travel a lot. Low carb eating is almost impossible. How do I stay on track?

Low carb eating on the go or at airports is very challenging. We don’t recommend pre-packaged foods, but if you’re flying long distance, or spending hours in the car or an airport, whole fresh foods often aren’t at our finger tips. Planning ahead is the key. We’ve rounded up some of our top tips in this article: Eating Healthy on the Road.

I have to dine with clients on a regular basis. How do I stick to this program?

I hate to be the party pooper, but if you truly want to lose weight and burn fat, eating sugar, carb-rich foods and / or drinking alcohol will not support healthy weight loss.

JumpstartMD recommends avoiding alcohol, however, limiting yourself to one drink, occasionally, is probably not enough to derail your weight loss progress. Just stay away from high carb beverages like beer and sweet cocktails. Even wine has calories and carbs. So be mindful of the amount you drink.

How to lose weight when dining out? Try to substitute some of the things you may have ordered in the past (bread, rice, pasta) with something low carb like grilled veggies or a fresh salad. Most restaurants won’t hesitate to provide you with a low carb alternative.

How do I cook meals for myself that my family will enjoy?

You can get access to monthly JumpstartMD workshops that provide tips and recipes for planning and preparing healthy meals the whole family can enjoy. The focus is real, fresh, healthy food that feeds your body and your soul. JumpstartMD approved recipes on our Member Portal. A few of our fall favorites are listed below:

Slow Cooker Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash

JumpstartMD members get access to recipes that help you learn how to lose weight!

Whether you want to lose 10 lbs. or 100 lbs., learning how to lose weight, and keep it off, is a lifestyle change that can improve your overall health and wellness. It takes time and it takes commitment. But you don’t have to do it alone.

By Stephania Humprey, JumpstartMD Health Coach – Burlingame



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