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Gluten-Free to Avoid Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Gluten-Free to Avoid Dementia & Alzheimer’s

An insightful article “This is Your Brain on Gluten,” ran in The Atlantic in December 2013 (nearly a decade ago!). The piece anlayzed the effect gluten may have on the brain – even those “good for you” whole-grains. Board-certified neurologist and American College of Nutrition fellow Dr. David Perlmutter believes gluten may play a role in inflammatory diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  In 2018, Five years since Grain Brain was published, David Perlmutter doubled down on his warnings.

Grains Have a Relatively High Glycemic Index, Causing Blood Sugar Levels To Surge!

His theory is based on the concept that grains have a relatively high glycemic index, causing blood sugar levels to surge, which is in turn damaging to the brain. Although a gluten-free diet has not been proven effective in the prevention of these diseases, it may help reduce one’s risk. Gluten is also theorized to play a role in conditions such as ADHD and epilepsy.

Studies are ongoing, but following a low carbohydrate and gluten-free diet may help reduce one’s risk for inflammatory diseases. The take away – eating a variety of foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, while limiting processed foods and alcohol has been proven to help reduce one’s risk for disease and weight gain.

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