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Eat to Lose Weight

Eat to Lose Weight

Why you need to eat to lose weight

Reducing food intake is often the first action people take when they are trying to lose weight. Portion control is an important part of weight loss, but going too far and letting yourself get so hungry that you make bad choices is not. When you’re hungry it’s easy to cave in and eat the first thing that comes to hand. Unfortunately, this quick fix comes at a cost as many “fast” foods are loaded with carbohydrates and the wrong kinds of fat.

A Key to Sustained Weight Loss

Following a low carbohydrate diet with moderate portions of protein and the right kinds of fat and eating on a regular schedule is one of the keys to faster and sustained weight loss. This strategy helps you to avoid hasty hunger-induced eating binges by planning your meals and taking time to savor your food.


•  Eat small meals frequently. Feeding your weight loss may seem counter intuitive, but eating  small nutrient-dense low carbohydrate meals and snacks five times a day triggers optimal conditions in your body for weight loss.
•  Plan, prepare, and track your food buying and intake. Planning your meals, having the right kinds of food available, and monitoring what you eat with a food journal makes it far less likely that you will succumb and gobble down off-program foods.
•  Plate your food and sit down to eat. Regular mealtime rituals ensure you are mindful of what you eat. Sitting down to savor your meal helps you feel satisfied.


•  Allow yourself to get very hungry. You’ll be far more likely to eat whatever comes to hand to satisfy your need for food.
•  Shop for groceries when you are hungry. Supermarkets are laden with unhealthy, carbohydrate-rich snack foods designed to tempt shoppers. Unless you have iron willpower, when you are hungry you may find it difficult to resist the tasty treats on offer.
•  Grab a bite to eat on the fly. Most sandwich bars, cafes, and fast food outlets don’t cater to a low carb diet. Eating whatever is available versus what you should eat is a sure way to delay weight loss.

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