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Bioidentical Hormones: The Path to the Fountain of Youth?

Bioidentical Hormones: The Path to the Fountain of Youth?

How to Thrive While Aging with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

JumpstartMD exists to use proven science to promote health and happiness. To do so, we scour the medical literature to find compelling evidence to support that vision. On that quest, we have found compelling scientific evidence revealing how men and women can remain happy, healthy, vigorous, and vital long into the 2nd half of their lives by restoring optimal levels of targeted, natural, biologically identical hormones (often referred to as bioidentical hormones).

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been around for decades and wrongly maligned by misguided media sensationalism that’s lumped unsafe practices into safe ones and by fears promoted by pharmaceutical companies whose patented, synthetic, and arguably dangerous hormonal imposters are threatened by the therapeutic embrace of natural human hormones that have kept us safe and well all of our lives.

That’s A Key Finding in Our Discovery

Patented, synthetic hormones are not the answer to your prayers. Why? Because they are not identical structural matches for the natural hormones found in your body. Synthetic hormone substitutes (like Premera® for estrogen and Provera® for progesterone) are thus not what a symptomatic woman undergoing steep hormonal declines around menopause and a symptomatic man undergoing similar declines around andropause are craving and need.

Furthermore, as a result of the structural differences between synthetic hormones and those found naturally in your body, synthetic hormones are replete with untoward side effects such as bloating, bleeding, mood swings, swelling, headaches, acne, breast pain, and others. Worse yet, synthetic hormones have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, heart attacks, blood clots, weight gain, and more.

Restoration Of Youthful Vigor, Energy, Drive, And More

On the other hand, studies show that replenishing your hormone levels with biologically identical hormones can provide the benefits you are seeking: restoration of youthful vigor, energy, drive, and more, while not only being safe but preemptively preventing a host of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s dementia, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety without the side effects and dangers of synthetic hormones.

Properly delivered, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with natural testosterone for men with “Low T Syndrome” and natural progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone (yes, testosterone is indeed a natural and critical part of female biology and well-being but at doses only 5% to 10% of that given to men) in women and natural thyroid, when indicated, for both men and women, is safe and effective. Pre-emptive, preventive medicine at its best.  Namely, by following evidence-based science to guide natural hormone therapy, we can prevent or slow the aging process, keep people out of the hospital, and facilitate youthful vigor, energy, enthusiasm, and drive after mid-life so that we can experience lives with more years and years with more life!

Hormonal Imbalances Are Written Off As “A Part Of The Natural Aging Process”

We are living longer than ever before in history. In our 40’s, 50’s and beyond, there is no need to suffer unnecessarily when preventable manifestations of hormonal imbalances are written off as “a part of the natural aging process.” Phooey.
At JumpstartMD, we see Members every week who are reinvigorating the second half of their lives by choosing to trust in the mountain of scientific evidence in support of the safe and effective rebalancing of symptomatically suboptimal hormone levels to optimal levels that restore feelings of youthfulness and energy and promote health and well-being. We have much more to fear from the loss of those natural hormones and little to fear and much to gain from their proper and guided restoration.

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