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5 Weight Loss Tips to Stay on Track at Holiday Parties

5 Weight Loss Tips to Stay on Track at Holiday Parties

Get weight loss tips to stay on track at holiday parties this season. Holiday parties are all about food and drink. But most of what will be served won’t support your weight loss goals. To help you stay on track, we’ve rounded up our top five tips for enjoying holiday celebrations while still losing weight.

  1. Eat Before You Go

Before heading out to any holiday party, eat a healthy dinner. It may seem counterintuitive to eat before going to a party where there will be plenty of food, but serving yourself a low-carb, high protein meal before attending the party will make it many times easier for you to make good choices when you’re presented with off-program foods.

  1. Start With Water

When you first arrive at the party, head to the bar and ask for bubbly water in a wine glass. Other guests will be less likely to ask, “Why aren’t you drinking?”, if you have a glass in your hand. Plus, starting with water will keep you hydrated. If you decide to follow with a glass of wine, make it a spritzer. Ask for a half glass of white wine mixed with bubbly water, to cut down on carbs.

  1. Plate Your Food

When you hit the snack table, grab a small plate first! Do not graze from trays of food that are being passed around. Take a small plate, and fill it with a reasonable amount of food that is on program. You’ll be less likely to overindulge. When you’re done, put the plate down and don’t go back for seconds.

  1. Stand Away from the Snack Table

Once you’ve filled your plate, move away from the snack table! Move to a part of the room where the snacks are out of sight. Even better if you can hit the dance floor.

  1. Plan for Exceptions

With a steady lineup of parties, you’ll be tempted at every turn. Plan out your party schedule and decide which days you are willing to make an exception. Then enjoy it, and get right back on track with your weight loss plan.

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