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3 Reasons Not to Make Resolutions to Lose Weight

3 Reasons Not to Make Resolutions to Lose Weight

Most resolutions to lose weight will fail. So don’t make them.

Despite the best intentions, most resolutions to lose weight will fail. It isn’t simply a lack of willpower that is causing this consistent failure each year. The entire process of making resolutions is flawed. The solution? Ditch the 2023 New Year’s resolution all together.

  1. Weight Loss Requires Fundamental Change in Habits

Only a fundamental change in habits will lead to long term success with weight loss. Willpower may get you through the first few days, or weeks, but it won’t help you make it through the year. According to Wendy Wood, a professor of psychology and business at the University of Southern California, “To create or change a habit, you have to think much more about altering your environment and patterns of living than work on steeling your mind.” At its root, the word “diet” means “a way to live.” Habit change is required to lose weight for good and learn to live in a healthy way.

  1. You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

Depriving yourself is a recipe for disaster. Severely limiting your intake of calories will only cause you to gain weight in the long run. You need to eat to lose weight. Feeding your weight loss may seem counter intuitive, but eating small nutrient-dense low carbohydrate meals and snacks five times a day triggers optimal conditions in your body for weight loss. Forget about dieting. Change the mix of foods that you eat, and reap the long term benefits of sustained weight loss.

  1. Fewer than half of the people who make a resolution to lose weight will meet their goal

There are approximately 17,000 diets being touted in America with the typical dieter quitting, on average, 2 days into the experience. Fewer than half of the people who make a resolution to lose weight will meet their goal. Don’t become another statistic this year. Free yourself of the pressure and ditch the resolution. Make a fundamental change in your habits to set yourself on the path to a healthy life.


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