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No One Wants Temporary Weight Loss

Want to lose 10 pounds, 110 or more? Our balanced weight loss/weight maintenance approach has led to members not only losing weight, but keeping it off as well. *Based on a study showing JumpstartMD clients who followed the program had a net long-term loss of 10 pounds more than a year later

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Founded by Stanford-trained physicians, JumpstartMD provides:
  • Individually tailored programs
  • Fresh, real food meal strategies
  • Comprehensive, one-on-one support from a team of experts

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Did you know you can use most Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts to cover JumpstartMD? Plan now to set aside some of your pre-tax savings to invest in your health and wellness. JumpstartMD expenses can also be reimbursed through many PPO plans. Contact us now for more details. Read More...

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Making Friends with Your Reflection

Many of us ended up at JumpstartMD because for years we did not ever truly look at our reflection.  Some of us, myself included, avoided it for a very long … Read More...