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Get the Skinny on Low-carbohydrate Diets
JumpstartMD’s Dr. Sean Bourke is interviewed about the health benefits and science behind low-carbohydrate diets.

San Francisco Business Times

JumpstartMD expands to Piedmont, Mountain View
March 21, 2014
JumpstartMD’s recent expansion into the communities of Piedmont and Mountain View is discussed.

Los Altos Town Crier

A Local Addition that Aims to Subtract: JumpstartMD Weight-loss Clinic Opens in Mountain View
March 19, 2014
CEO and Co-founder Dr. Sean Bourke is interviewed about the company’s new Mountain View clinic as well as JumpstartMD’s multipronged approach.


Diet Like A Man
JumpstartMD’s Dr. Sean Bourke provides insight behind the science of why men and women loss weight differently

Mercury News

Consejos de Salud Para la Familia Durante las Vacaciones
May 31, 2013

San Francisco Business Times

Jumpstart Bulks Up as Clients Slim
March 18, 2011
“Jumpstart Medicine, a chain of weight loss clinics geared to teach patients to eat and live healthier, is generating healthy growth.”


50 spring diet foods
March 10, 2011
A collection of palate pleasers that won’t compromise your springtime wardrobe!

Gentry Health

Taking Control: Diet & Nutrition
A feature on the JumpstartMD story and mission with reflections from KFOG radio host and local celebrity Annalisa in regard to her phenomenal success on the program.

Medical Publications

San Francisco Medical Society

Approaching Weight Loss with Conviction, Sensitivity, and a Solution
September 11, 2013
A blog post written by Dr. Sean Bourke discussing how the advice of a trusted physician can be just the catalyst to spur meaningful change when it comes to weight loss. Dr. Bourke also expresses how physicians handle the conversation with their patients’ matters.

San Francisco Medical Society

Why Aren’t Physicians Talking About Obesity?
August 19, 2013
A blog post written by JumpstartMD Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Sean Bourke. Dr. Bourke notes and discusses that many patients and their physicians never broach the words “overweight” or “obese” during their visits.

San Francisco Medicine

Bariatric Medicine: Seven exciting developments
April 2013
An article written by JumpstartMD Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Sean Bourke. Dr. Bourke discusses the inspiration for the program, the most recent data on weight loss and the myths that still plague us.

San Francisco Medical Society

Maligned but Benign – Readjusting Perspectives on Dietary Fat
July/August 2014
JumpstartMD Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Sean Bourke discusses the past and present of what is considered good nutrition.