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Kathleen Long

Patient success story Kathleen Long Read Kathleen Long’s successful weight loss story. She had tried every diet and diet plan under the sun that didn’t sound completely ridiculous and that didn’t involve surgery. She found success with JumpstartMD. *Results may vary [Read More]

Charlie Butcher

Charlie Butcher After Photo Read Charlie Butcher’s successful weight loss story. Charlie was battling weight gain upon entering retirement, after 30 years in the Navy. *Results may vary [Read More]

Patti Pedroli

Patti Pedroli After Photo Read Patti Pedroli’s successful weight loss story. In her own words, “JumpstartMD is the best thing I have ever done for myself.” *Results may vary [Read More]

Dawn Agnew

Dawn after weight loss Read Dawn Agnew’s successful weight loss story. Discover how her healthy choices benefited not just her, but her family as well. *Results may vary [Read More]

Debi DiCello

Debi DiCello After Photo Read Debi DiCello’s successful weight loss story. See how she learned to eat right, exercise right and even stick to the program when traveling. *Results may vary [Read More]

Annette Vernon

Annette Vernon After JumpstartMD With several cancer diagnoses in her family, when Annette Vernon’s doctor explained to her that she was in control of how much she weighed, what she ate, how much alcohol she drank and the amount of physical activity she participated in, she realized – it was time. *Results may vary [Read More]

John Shanahan

John Shanahan Before At the age of 53, I was feeling sluggish and older than my years. I knew I shouldn’t be feeling as tired as I was and I had some concerns, as a parent, about being around to see my son grow into adulthood. *Results may vary [Read More]

Marie Donabedian

Marie Donabedian After Photo When my depression and self-esteem took a bad turn, it led to a serious weight gain that would trouble me for 24 years. I found information online about JumpstartMD and contacted them. It turned out to be the best program for someone like me. *Results may vary [Read More]

Grace Shanahan

This year I had a light go out in my life when my Dad died and a light went on in my brain when I realized that you only get one shot at living your best life. I have many blessings – healthy family, wonderful friends and no major troubles or worries. I had no reason not to take care of myself except that I always put caring for myself last, now no one asked me to, its just the way things went. *Results may vary [Read More]

Sina von Reitzenstein

Sina After JumpstartMD I was advised more than once by my physician that if I did not heed my body’s warning signals I wouldn’t make it much past 60. I made a decision to change my lifestyle and get healthy. I lost 50 pounds with the help and support of JumpstartMD and feel better than I have in years. *Results may vary [Read More]