John Shanahan

John Shanahan Before and After

This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with JumpstartMD.  Results may vary.

“My wife, Grace started the JumpstartMD program at the end of August 2012 – and very quickly I saw a tremendous difference both in how she felt and how she carried herself. She had nothing but good things to say about the program, which made me think perhaps it was time to take a look at my own health.

At the age of 53, I was feeling sluggish and older than my years. I knew I shouldn’t be feeling as tired as I was – but what I didn’t know then is that processed carbs don’t agree with me. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to be able to tie my shoes – an act that took effort with the extra weight. I was up to about 255 pounds and I realized I could lose 60 pounds – easily. So in December I joined JSMD.  They recommended cutting out a lot of the carbs I was consuming and in a matter of days, I was feeling better – less sluggish and I didn’t even feel hungry.

For most of my life my weight has gone up and down. My wife Grace is from Ireland. My parents are from Ireland as well, though I was born in San Francisco. When growing up we had very Irish meals – meat, potatoes and vegetables. My father (now 92) never struggled with weight – but my mom (now 81) was always on a diet – but was never really unhealthy and now does Tai Chi for two hours each day. When I got out on my own, my eating habits worsened. And over the last 4-5 years, I was so busy with work that I was heading to McDonalds three times a week. On top of that I quit smoking 2-3 years ago – which brought on additional weight. I quit smoking because it wasn’t making me feeling good – and I had some concerns, as a parent, about being around to see my son grow into adulthood. At that time I felt there was a possibility I wouldn’t be there for him. I kind of felt stuck with the weight – I was skeptical I could ever lose it.

It was seeing the results that Grace achieved and how positive her experience was that helped motivate me. Life is definitely better now. Our son is now seven. He still has sandwiches, but he too eats less bread, less carbs, less processed food – and more vegetables. All of our portion sizes have shrunk and there is far less junk food and bread in the house. The program was easier than I thought. I really don’t feel as if I am restricting myself and the weekly sessions are of great help – the staff is very positive and supportive. We’re happy, and I am down almost 60 pounds since Dec 4th.

I’m very optimistic.”