Jane Grodem

Lost 30 pounds in 24 weeks

This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with JumpstartMD.  Results may vary.

Jane Grodem After

Jane Grodem BeforeI have always been a faithful exerciser, 3+ spin classes a week and weight training.  I was strong, but never seemed to be able to lose any weight.  My doctor advised me to lose weight to improve my overall health. I was lucky to have a friend who had successfully lost weight and changed her life with JumpstartMD, and she encouraged me to, “just give it 3 months – see how it works for you.”  She was so right.  Six months later I had accomplished my weight loss goal of 30 pounds!

I had a history of eating healthy foods – fruits, veggies and lots of whole grains, but learned from JumpstartMD that I ate enough of these healthy foods for 2 people, not one. Following the plan diligently gave me weekly results of losses…my meetings with the staff helped to keep me on plan and they applauded every positive step. There are so many of my friends that have subsequently been motivated to join JumpstartMD as they have seen how it transformed my life.

I continue to thank JumpstartMD for giving me the tools to learn what my body really needs and what my body has a hard time processing…..Now when I go out
to eat with my family to our favorite Italian restaurant the chef knows to steam up some veggies to use in place of my pasta!

The decision to put my health first by committing to JumpstartMD was the best I have made in a long time….life is SO GOOD with JumpstartMD!