Healthy, Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs

Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Lifestyle, Transform Your Health

JumpstartMD’s comprehensive program is not a temporary diet, it’s a way of life. By providing the ongoing personal guidance, support, and education you need, we empower you to transform your lifestyle in order to lose and manage your weight. In combination with JumpstartMD’s medically supervised, scientific approach, you will have all the tools to achieve the same results that thousands of our past clients have seen.

Our patients have reported more energy, more clarity and an improved sense of well-being. Patients have also discovered that, after significant weight loss, the signs and symptoms of weight-related illness – diabetes, high-cholesterol, joint pain, heart problems, depression – often began to disappear.

*results may vary

Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

How it Works

The program begins with a thorough medical evaluation as well as a body composition analysis to determine weight, body mass, hydration status, lean muscle segmentation and body fat percentage. Our clinicians review your medical history and evaluate your current health, using lab work, EKG tests and a biometric evaluation. From this point, you work with a clinician and the JumpstartMD team to create a customized wellness plan.

Your program will progress with guidance from a counselor, complete with meals plans and shopping lists which support a healthier approach to shopping, cooking and eating. Once you’ve bolstered your knowledge of nutrition, you’ll work with a counselor to integrate diet, exercise, and positive thinking, ensuring you continue to make healthy decisions. Weekly check-ups provide structure, education and accountability to keep you on track.

Meals, Movement, MindsetTM | Optimal Results

At JumpstartMD we have transformed the lives of thousands of Bay Area women and men through an innovative science-based, personalized 5M’s approach, combining Meals, Movement, MindsetTM with Medicine, and Maintenance for optimal results.


Nutrition science has changed and JumpstartMD is at the cutting-edge of new nutritional information.

The JumpstartMD stance is not “you are what you eat,” but rather “you are what your body does with the food you eat.” Our program emphasizes the nutritional value and the quality of the food you consume. Patients are taught to eat well-balanced meals that are lower in carbohydrates, moderate in proteins and replete with good sources of healthy fats while minimizing processed foods, refined grains, and sugars when possible.

We love food and our meal strategies emphasize and celebrate fresh, whole foods. No liquid diets, processed foods or meal replacements. Knowledge, planning, and portion control combined with eating at regular intervals throughout the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks – are emphasized. While change must happen, realistic and sensible solutions should accommodate our personal, work, and social lives.


Movement and exercise plans are customized based on your current level of activity and the types of exercise you already enjoy. Nutrition change is the greatest contributor to weight loss, but exercise helps to maintain weight and thus takes on greater importance as you approach your goal weight. Such a sequence works well for those who have been sedentary or limited by their weight. Your risk of injury is further reduced by addressing exercise after your first few months of weight loss. We seek to build a foundation of fitness so our members can resume past sports and activities or aspire to new goals and accomplishments.


JumpstartMD patients are never alone on their journey to good health. Our private, weekly counseling sessions are designed to track progress and build a trusting, healing relationship with the care team. We will work on developing a positive mindset so you can:

  • put your health and well-being first over other commitments that stand in the way of your goal
  • recognize the triggers that lead to over-eating
  • manage emotional eating and cravings
  • change your habits and practice greater mindfulness
  • minimize negative self-talk and judgment

(Good) Medicine

The most referred to medically-supervised program by Bay Area doctors, JumpstartMD partners with your physician for safe, healthy weight loss and sustained good health. Created by Stanford-trained physicians, JumpstartMD is based in science and proven to work four times better than the leading diets and weight loss programs on the market*. Many primary care and specialty physicians refer their patients to JumpstartMD.

JumpstartMD provides you with a team of experts including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, licensed therapists, fitness trainers, registered dietitians and bariatric specialists on hand to support your personal needs.

Starting with a comprehensive medical exam and continuing with close monitoring through weekly meetings, we will guide you on your journey to ensure that you are losing weight safely and healthfully.

Progress and outcomes are monitored through body composition, biometrics, weekly visits, and laboratory evaluations in addition to measuring by weight loss. Your health risks and conditions are assessed and staff can then respond accordingly with guidance tailored to each individual’s diet.
Vitamins and FDA-approved prescription medications are an option for the patient when medically indicated and advisable.

*based on an internal study done in 2011 using real JumpstartMD patient data and publically known competitor data.


Once you’ve lost the weight, we highly encourage a transition to maintenance. A six-month maintenance program helps solidify new healthy habits, while slowly incorporating more exercise and wider range of acceptable foods. Maintenance is crucial, the transition back to maintaining weight is not completely intuitive and we are the experts in it. In fact, in an internal study of JumpstartMD patients who had lost at least 10% of their body weight with us and stayed for a complete six-months of maintenance (six visits), we found that those patients regained an average of less than one pound of the weight they had lost. *results may vary

Are You Ready?

JumpstartMD members realize that weight loss isn’t meant to be temporary and solutions shouldn’t be either. Our members are ready to embrace true personal education and transformation.