Debi DiCello

Debi DiCello Before and After

This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with JumpstartMD.  Results may vary.

“First let me say, when it comes to losing weight with JumpstartMD – if you do it, it works – so just do it!

I first heard about JumpstartMD on the radio – from the KFOG DJs. A year later, I started the program. I had kept JSMD in mind, but simply wasn’t quite ready to begin – and being ready is critical. In the meantime, I was taking care of myself. I worked with a trainer two to three times a week and was making efforts to eat “right.” It turns out that my viewpoint of healthy eating was a bit off. My 58th birthday became a goal for a real shift. Menopause had truly changed everything. So March 1st, I started the program.

My first shock, considering I was working with a trainer, was how high my percentage of body fat was – the stat that 80% of weight loss is dependent on diet became very real to me. My second shock was just how easy the program was for me – and I didn’t feel deprived or challenged. I’ve now learned so many great tips and tricks including how critical my fluid intake is and to always add a protein when eating a carb. I’ve also learned that making a green drink (blend of vegetables) post my gym workout is not the best option. Most importantly, I now know to focus on what I CAN have – not what I can’t have. Now I opt for sashimi over sushi and I think twice about drinking a glass of wine which is packed full of carbs/sugar. I’ve learned what five pounds of fat really looks like – and imagined it wrapped around my organs. I’ve learned that even as a former lover of bread – I don’t even miss it!

The counselors provide me with their own tips and favorite snacks that keep them motivated – they make adjustments to the program so it is customized to my life. I love my shopping lists. I love using the half-size sandwich bags for snacks. I love turkey jerky! I keep snacks in pantry or in the fridge so I can grab them as I run out the door. The one-on-one accountability is hugely important for me.

I now understand how to travel and eat right. Recently my fiancé and I went to Hawaii for one week and I gained only four ounces! This was the first time I had been without a scale and I sailed through without a problem. Sure I treated myself, but I stuck to some important routines such as avoiding sugar-laden drinks like mai tais and piña coladas.

Now I am in the Maintenance Phase of the program (while continuing to work with my trainer) – down over 30 pounds. I have dropped three and a half dress sizes in 7 months. It’s exciting when you realize your clothes really don’t fit anymore as they are far too big. Before the program I was borderline hypertensive – now my blood pressure has normalized. Like many others out there I had tried other programs in the past and successfully lost some weight, but never this much, and with all other programs the weight always came back. This is my new lifestyle – forever. Though I wish I had done this years ago, I really had to be ready to achieve this level of success. Oh, and a favorite moment – when attending my 40th high school reunion a friend exclaimed, “Oh my gosh – you are the SAME weight as you were in high school!”

I know the phrase may seem like an odd choice, but truly the JumpstartMD program is a piece of cake!”