JumpstartMD’s Corporate Weight-loss Programs

Fortune 500 Corporate Case Study

lunchatdeskTwenty employees lost a total of 950 pounds during a six month time period and achieved a 32% individual average reduction of body fat utilizing the JumpstartMD program.

**The case study included both male and female employees ranging in ages from 29 to 50 years old. Employees participated in a 6 month wellness case study using JumpstartMD as their nutritional and weight loss program. This was combined with additional company sponsored programs including supervised exercise and behavioral counseling. All employees had a BMI of >30. Results may vary

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Developed by Stanford-trained physicians, our nutrition education and lifestyle change program is a proven high-touch wellness solution, designed to engage employees in improving their health and wellness. We work with employees from Fortune 500 corporations and smaller, locally owned, companies to offer cutting edge weight loss options to help them and their dependents maintain health, fitness and work-life balance. JumpstartMD supports employees with:

Management of health conditions including:


  • Heart disease
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Challenging schedules
  • Balancing work and family issues
  • Managing multiple emotional stressors
  • Changing metabolism factors

As Northern California’s largest medically-supervised program with nine convenient locations around the San Francisco Bay Area, we are able to scale quickly, provide onsite services upon request and begin engaging employees immediately in improving their health and wellness. To contact us about our corporate wellness programs please Email Us.

The JumpstartMD Corporate Wellness Approach

Initial Health Assessment for Employees Includes review of medical history, EKG (electrocardiogram), LAB panels, a state-of-the art metabolic analysis and the development of a wellness/weight management plan.
Individually Tailored Programs Weight loss phase including weekly, unrushed, private meetings to assess progress and provide supportive coaching toward lifestyle improvements. Maintenance Phase visits are once per month.
Science-based Guidance One-on-one guidance from a team of medical, nutrition, psychology and fitness experts.
Personalized Tracking State-of-the-art medical records access via the enhanced JSMD Patient Portal.
Dedicated, HIPAA-compliant Tracking Proprietary case-studies and aggregate outcomes reporting to Corporate Human Resources departments; facilitates superior ROI measurement.
Volume-driven Program Discounts As market-leader with multiple locations, we are able to offer company-exclusive, volume-driven program discounts.
Range of Company-sponsored Programs Available for all employees from partial/employee cost-share to company-provided benefits program options.

Real Results

JumpstartMD has transformed the lives of over 19,000 Bay Area men and women with sustainable lifestyle changes.

Maintenance Outcomes*Results may vary

Four times more weight lost in six months than on popular programs like Atkins, Ornish or Weight Watchers.

jumpstart-graph-pounds*Results may vary


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