Charlie Butcher

Charlie Butcher Before & After

This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with JumpstartMD.  Results may vary.

“In 2000 I retired from 30 years of service in the Navy. At the end, I was struggling with weight control and just could not lose weight. I had tried the Blood Type Diet (eating the right foods for your specific blood type), Weight Watchers –  I even tried going vegetarian – anything to achieve successful weight loss. I continued battling this weight gain and could not get a grip on controlling it. The final straw was when my doctor said I was pre-diabetic (Type II)! That was in early 2013, and that was when I decided I needed to do something. A friend of mine, who worked at El-Camino Hospital in Sunnyvale, recommended JumpstartMD. I looked into it, delayed a couple of more months and finally decided I would do it!

I checked in and started the program with the full intent that I would do it 100% from that first day. From the start I continually lost weight – usually about three to five pounds a week! I have gone on vacations around the world and continue to lose weight. This program works! I never realized what effect carbohydrates had on me until I started this program.

I also was a serious coffee drinker and had too much red wine. Now I drink one cup of coffee a week and really gave up on wine – I just don’t have the interest in it anymore due to carbs involved.

I’ve lost over 50 pounds. I am still currently staying steady with my weight and when the pounds go up I cut back and get in control! Control I could never have had without JumpstartMD!”