Hormone Therapy Testimonials

Kadance F.

“After having a hysterectomy, I lost my desire for sex and my energy, had hot flashes non-stop, mood swings, weight gain that I couldn’t lose and difficulty sleeping. I tried diets, hormone creams, pills patches – they just made me feel crazy and the diets didn’t work. I felt like I’d lost my mojo and I wanted it back.

One week after starting I noticed more energy. My nights were easier at work. At the end of my shift I didn’t even feel tired, but when I got into bed I fell right sleep and woke feeling rested. My mind was clearer, I feel calmer and more relaxed. My libido is back. I feel happier, like I used to feel. My husband noticed right away, too!”

Estella S.

“I felt so tired and lacked the energy or desire to do anything. After four months, the therapy has helped me with my energy, but I also feel better physically as well as emotionally. Within a couple weeks of I was sleeping better, no more night sweats and it’s helped me with my weight loss goal.

This therapy has changed my life! I have been recommending it and will continue to do so.”