Conclusion: Happy & Healthy Halloween – Parents, You’re In Charge

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Though I run the risk of being labeled a killjoy, I think it’s important for us to pause for a moment and ask whether we might re-envision how we celebrate Halloween while considering our simultaneous fight against childhood obesity. Is it possible to have both a Happy and Healthy Halloween?

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Part 1 of 2: Happy & Healthy Halloween – Parents, You’re In Charge

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Halloween Pumpkin

Is it possible to have both a Happy and Healthy Halloween? Dr. Sean Bourke thinks so. Here’s a bit of background on the holiday.

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Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes, San Jose

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          The South Bay team had a great day last Sunday!  Early morning fog and bleary eyes […]

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Re-envisioning Family Mealtime

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Family Meals

Embarking on a weight loss program while juggling the demands of work, kids, and life can seem daunting, even impossible. You may wonder how you’re going to feed yourself and your family without cooking multiple meals while staying true to your health goals. The key is re-envisioning family mealtime.

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How to Grow and Enjoy Sprouts

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sprouts growing in a jar

When planning your veggies for the week, consider fresh sprouts. These little nuggets of goodness add interest, texture, flavor and a boost of nutrition to an ordinary plate of salad greens. One cup of fresh sprouts provides up to 5 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement, and 3 percent of your folate needs.

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Lifestyle Change Can Help Combat Fatty Liver Disease

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Dr. Sean Bourke

In honor of National Liver Awareness month this October, I share a common JumpstartMD scenario that highlights the transformative power of lifestyle changes to inspire an epidemic of health and well-being over illness.

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