The Road to Health One Step at a Time: Activity Monitors

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woman checking activity tracker

Activity monitors are proving to be an essential tool for improving health. JumpstartMD recommends walking 10,000 steps a day to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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Don’t Let Your Diet Take a Wild Ride at the Amusement Park

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Amusement Park

Summer is here, and it’s ”peak season for visiting amusement parks with family and friends. For most people, the last thing we associate with theme parks is healthy eating. In fact, I bet that most of us imagine images of cotton candy, churros, ice cream cones and even a certain famous mouse-shaped pancake.

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Exercise or Diet – Which One Helps You Slim Down?

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At JumpstartMD, we recognize that exercise is an incredibly potent tool to boost your health and well-being. But while commonly also cited as a weight loss tool, exercise, quite frankly, is not.

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Enjoy a Satisfying Green Smoothie 

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Green Smoothie

Articles extolling benefits of juicing are everywhere, and it’s confusing. Could drinking your vegetables and fruits be bad? Try a green smoothie instead.

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Healthy Ways to Enjoy Summer Celebrations

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Summer Celebrations

Summertime brings warm weather, outdoor activities, vacations and celebrations – most of which involve food and drink. The season often affords us a break from the structure and routine of daily life, but it can also create new challenges in terms of healthy eating. With a little planning you can still enjoy that wonderful barbecue with friends and family – without abandoning your commitment to lose weight and be healthy.

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Ordering Healthy Japanese Food

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Japanese food can be one of the healthiest cuisines, but for those of us living a lower carb lifestyle there are many temptations at Japanese restaurants. Here’s a quick guide highlighting the best, healthy Japanese foods to order when heading out to enjoy this popular cuisine.

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